Premium Financing for Business Owners**

Premium financing can be a valuable strategy to help qualified business owners take advantage of IRC tax codes, especially when planning for retirement.  Some benefits of this may include:

  • Preservation of income and capital

  • Control of cash flow and avoid liquidating assets


Premium Financing Benefits

  • Obtain a significant amount of coverage with limited up-front out of pocket cost.

  • Preserve, maintain and build assets in your existing investment portfolio without liquidating assets to pay life insurance premiums.

  • Utilize your annual gift tax exclusions or lifetime exemption to transfer other assets.

  • Minimize or eliminate gift taxes on policy premiums if the policy is owned by a trust.

  • Gain an economic advantage if the crediting rates under the life insurance are favorable compared to the loan borrowing rates from the lender.

  • Use the cash surrender value of your policy as loan collateral, so you only have to provide additional collateral for the difference between your loan amount and any balance not covered by the policy.


** The May Group also works with Stryde through May/Fleming Business Solutions to offer the Stryde Retirement Program.  Visit to contact us for more information

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